18 August 2010

Thank you

Thank you all who have followed along
on my journey of experimenting and
working in calligraphy 
and the calligraphic arts.

I am truly blessed to 
be able to pursue my passion
and to share the things
 I learn and create
with a such a supportive
 group of individuals.

My gratitude goes out to you!


  1. Following your blog has been a real blessing! Thank YOU, Jo, for sharing your experiences in life and in the studio.

  2. well, jane said it so much better than i ever could have! your artwork always inspires me (can i just tell you how much i'm loving all of those painted squares on your background.....happiness!!!!), and your lettering is absolutely gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing your heART with us!!! xox, :))

  3. A lovely sentiment Jo - and so true. It's nice to know when people respond to your work or enjoy it; and I agree we shouldn't just sit at the computer and think "that's nice" - it's great to let folk know! I have really enjoyed your work - thanks for sharing.