29 September 2009


I have been struggling with building my own website. There have been several versions; there have been a couple of visions that I have not been able to make happen as of yet. But now I have something up that I think will work for me, for awhile at least. There are a couple of bugs in Internet Explorer, unfortunately, but it seems to view and work okay in Firefox and Safari.

All that said, I would appreciate any constructive criticism and/or problems you may experience. Thanks in advance for helping me out. (Just click on the heading above to visit the site.)

Daniel study

This Daniel study I am in the middle of has generated quite a bit of motivation for me in so many areas. This  is a collage made in photoshop. The text was written and scanned in, then painted backgrounds and brushes added. And as I am sure you can tell, I have been inspired by Martha at Art Du Jour.

20 September 2009

Daniel 2

This is part of Daniel's prayer to God for revealing the dream of King Nebuchanezzar. I am in a local group participating in the Beth Moore study of Daniel. What a glorious prayer! When reading it I can just imagine the joy and worship in Daniel's voice.

I have had this layout vaguely in my mind for the last couple of weeks and was so excited to get it down on paper today while pondering the wonder and holiness of God.

08 September 2009

not dark enough

This is a piece I have been working on the last few days. It started out to be golden-orange italic on arches 90lb, but I made a couple of errors in the text. So I thought, 'I'll just add a couple of layers of colors and text. Which turned out great but the green text was not dark enough and the layout was off a little. So more layers of wash then the final text was to be a dark purple, but alas the purple was not dark enough. It still gets lost in the background. I should have used gouache instead of watercolor. There is a section in the middle that I darken up by applying another layer of watercolor with a little tiny brush, but that will take entirely too long to fix the whole piece.

Any suggestions as to a direction I should take this piece? I still like the piece it just needs something to make it pop.

BTW, the text is Daniel 2:20-23.

07 September 2009

Library show

I only thought to get a picture of one of the cases in the library show. This is it. I hope to get pictures of the other displays soon. this display is of some calligraphic art pieces.

Back in the studio

What a wonderful summer it has been! And what a busy month August has been. After just one class of basic html web design, I have a temporary website up on the net, www.MillerLineDesign.com. Hopefully I will have a fully functional site by the end of the year.

I also have the wonderful opportunity to have an exhibit of my work at the local library in Denham Springs for the month of September.

And now it is time to get back to the drawing board so to speak; back to creating. This photo is of a background made with Winsor Newton inks. I love them; the colors are so vibrant and lovely.