24 February 2011

Adolf Bernd Influence

This piece is inspired by the Peter Thornton class on the Adolf Bernd letters. The New Orleans Lettering Arts Association will be hosting a weekend workshop with Peter in March. You can find the details here. I have had the opportunity to experience these letters with Peter at the Letter Mingles Souls calligraphy conference and I am so looking forward to learning them again. So in preparation for the weekend I got out my book from the conference and have been inspired.

If you happen to be in the area or would like to travel to New Orleans to attend the workshop, please feel free to contact me. We would love to have you join us!

14 February 2011


Monogram from one of the weddings I had the pleasure of working on last year.


07 February 2011

dry embossing (con't)

The previous blog entry chronicled the first step in a new piece called 'I AM'.  I was unsure how to add the complete phrase. I debated between writing the full quote underneath the embossed letters, or writing the remaining quote in ink incorporating the embossed letters, or repeating the entire quote in the full field of the background. The latter option was chosen. Then for added effect, one of the repeated phrases was highlighted using palladium gilding. 

Watercolor and a Mitchell nib was used for the main portion of the text. Gum ammoniac was used for the gilding. (Note: using ammoniac on paper is tricky and requires many layers because it gets absorbed into the paper.)