23 May 2010

Stepping out on Vacation

What a crazy, wonderful, busy time of the year it has been! Just got back from the third session of Reggie Ezell's 'Primitive to Modern' class. It has been a treasure trove of information, sharing, and learning. In an earlier post there was a close-up of a piece of homework for this class. An overall shot is shown below. This piece is a recreation of Suzanne Moore's artwork from the St. John's Bible. I actually created this piece twice, once on Arches textwove and once on canvas. Both were done in watercolor. I hope to post a more detailed description of my process at a later date.

And now, school is out and my daughter and I are off on the first get away of the summer! Hurray! I will be out of pocket for several weeks and look forward to all the wonderful post and creativity in blog land when we return.

Until then!

04 May 2010

LPB Art and Travel Auction

I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the annual LPB Art and Travel Auction. This is my second year to donate to the support of this cause. Over 190 pieces of art are up for auction this year, plus many travel packages. Check it out there may be something that interests you.

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