25 May 2009

This quote by Mother Teresa was written in pencil Roman caps. I have been working with a painting of Mother Teresa and wanted to place text within the painting. This layout does not work with the painting but is pretty cool by itself.

20 May 2009

harmony to chaos

This is a piece started today. Both elements are good but it needs more; a binding element and element to pop on the page. Not sure what I will add, but something.

The background wash is sumi ink on damp paper. The vertical textural element is pencil and the built up letters are sumi ink.

13 May 2009

Pencil romans

It has been quite a long time since I have taken the time to post.

The photo is a practice piece using pencils and Peter Thornton's method of pressurized roman caps. Written today. There are many projects going on in the studio but nothing ready for exposure yet.
As with life, time has been flying by. The summer is almost here and I'm not sure I am ready. 

I just hope I can spend my days in the way and with the purposes God had in mind when he made me.