24 October 2011

Card for the Ladies

I recently completed the Beth Moore study 'Breaking Free'. I would recommend it to anyone interested in living out Truth in their life and breaking away from the mindset that holds you back. At the end of the study I made these cards for all the ladies that had completed the course with me.

The verse was written in sumi ink with a Leonardt Hero 40 nib, scanned into
Photoshop and color was added there. 40 cards were printed in total. 
The word TRUST was hand embossed on each card. 
The stencil was created from hand lettering on bristol board.

18 October 2011

Journal Pages

My journal art is quite a bit more casual than my 'serious' work. But I enjoy it just as much! It gives me an outlet to try different color schemes, to enjoy creating with no expectations, and to letter without worry of messing up.

Here are some pics of a few recent journal pages.