27 March 2009

Confrontation, apprehension, worry, eager, curiosity,rapport, bond. Creating lists that reflect my life is going to be a new focus of my art. Although, the piece shown is a product of the above list - waging war. 

20 March 2009

Judy Melvin's "Art Expose"

At the suggestion of Julie, I purchased Judy Melvin's new book, Art Expose. What a wealth of information in a small book! I recommend the book to all who enjoy the creative process. These images are techniques from one of the sections. The images are cool in and of themselves but I think I will add text eventually. 

19 March 2009

Youth Logo

This is a logo created for a local christian youth group. They want to be distinguished as the RE generation, because God has regenerated them through salvation in Jesus Christ. 

18 March 2009

The Color Master

This time of year the color of nature stops me in my tracks. The trees leafing out with the bright greens and pinks and reds, the flowers popping out with blooms, the blue sky after a couple days of rain. God is good!!!! The ultimate artist, the color master. And all the earth cries out His name.

Adolf Bernd flavor

These enlargements are from two quotes written in the flavor of Adolf Bernd. I had the opportunity to take a class with Peter Thornton last summer at the "Letters Mingle Souls" conference. The class was a look into the work and style of Mr. Bernd. What beautiful work! If you ever have a chance to see his pieces, it is worth the time. The subtlety of color is amazing.

10 March 2009

Abstract Painting class

This piece is the first completed painting from the abstract class i'm taking at the Art Station in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. This the third class taken there; it is such a good way to loosen up, learn new materials and processes and meet wonderful people. Kim Zabbia, owner and teacher, is a joy to work with and a very good instructor.