22 August 2010

Text as texture

I have been experimenting with some abstract layouts using text as texture. The image above is one of the sketches from my journal. This is actually my least favorite and I'll tell you why. It's too clean and orderly. There is some contrast in value but not near enough to be pleasing. You know what they say, "The artist who can control contrast can control the world!" Or something like that.

I will post several of these to show what works and what doesn't work for me. Then I hope to take the best one and recreate on a large scale.


  1. Hi Jo

    I love how the word faint creates the lower border - very clever and very gorgeous! I like the idea of text as texture as well, but have tended to use LOTS of variation in nib size as in these 'peace is every step' bibs and bobs.


    Like you I think the variation and contrast add interest. Looking forward to the next examples F

  2. A great study Jo. I love your lettering at the top - delicious!