26 August 2010

Text as Texture 3

Okay, here's the third example of text as texture. (The first can be seen here and the second here.)

The things that I think work in this example are: the background interest is more complex. There is also more variation in sizes of text. And I like the single spot of color in the middle. The two vertical boxes add a structural element to the otherwise organic feel of the piece.

The things that do not work are: the 'c' in grace has been completely covered. Where this piece is not necessarily meant to be legible, the covering of the 'c' leaves a visual a hole. There is no real focal point to grab the eye and move it around the piece. It's too disorderly.


  1. i love the direction that this is going! is there a way you can sneak that letter "c" back into the word grace? if so, i think your focal point would be back in full force! your letterforms are gorgeous, as always!!! xox, :))

  2. Hi Jo - I really like the walnut wash and letters and the blocks of italic and writing. Grace is so strong - wouldn't it be exciting if you could rediscover the 'c'? The two vertical rectangles distract me a bit - not sure why!?! I normally love a bit of structure but the organic soft edges have won me over here! I like the way you analyse things and this work is growing each day.

  3. Hello Jo,
    I liked too much of your art!
    is light and different!
    dedication to reach the goal ...
    and the results are amazing!
    a big hug,
    Denise from São Paulo