29 July 2010

Artistic decisions

I am in a dilema. The attached piece is completed as I had it in my mind. But there are a couple of mistakes with the gilding that I would really like to cover up. So I am debating adding a black border around the areas where the 'letters' are gilded. To tie that in so it doesn't look like I am just trying to hide something, I am thinking of filling in the 'letters' with black. There is a beautiful piece of work on Georgia Angelopoulos' website that has gilding with black and I love the look. (The work is at the bottom of the page.)

It has been suggested to me to make a copy of my piece on good matte paper and fill in to see if I like it. This I am going to do. But I wanted to get your opinion and see how you determine these things. What is your method for choosing the next step or deciding if the piece is complete?

21 July 2010

Love Deeply

This image was written with sumi ink and a Speedball B-3 nib. The corners were squared off with sumi ink and a stiff pointed nib. I then scanned the image, vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator, then added an inner glow and drop shadow in Photoshop. 

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives." - Mother Teresa

17 July 2010


This is a small portion of a piece of homework I am working on for the Reggie Ezell class, Primitive to Modern. I have posted previous homework assignments. You can find them here and here.

This image is of a draft I am working on. The background image is printed out multiple times and the layout can then be worked out without fear of messing up a one of a kind background.

13 July 2010

Recent Envelopes with Gold Ink

I recently completed an wedding envelope project that utilized gold ink. I love writing with Dr. Martin's Spectralite Gold. It sits so nice on the paper, just gleaming and sparkling.

06 July 2010


I know this aspiring young artist. She is quite talented in the fact that she has a natural eye for things. Right now she has committed to taking and posting a photo a day for 365 days. I asked if I could post her account here so she can receive comments from others. She doesn't take my compliments because she thinks I have to say something nice, seeing that I am her mother.

So if you have a moment take a look and give a comment.


05 July 2010

Just messing 'round

I realized, just tonight, that I have Corel Painter Sketch Pad on my computer. Boy, the time sure slips away when I'm messing 'round with these type of programs. There are so many things I should be doing but . . .

I created this instead.