26 October 2009

pointed pen play

I don't usually practice flourishing for the sake of flourishing. But I came across this little tidbit in my files and thought I would share it. One quadrant was flourished, then scanned and copied and rotated in illustrator. My flourishing is not very good but I do remember having fun with this.

21 October 2009

Journal page

I have been neglecting the blog as of late. The Ponchatoula Trade Days is coming up the first weekend in November and I will be participating in the Art Station booth with 9 other artists. So I have been furiously working on new art pieces, handmade journals, cards, etc, etc.

I did take the time to make a journal entry recently on the rhythm of things surrounding us in my very small journal. It has such nice hot-pressed watercolor paper. The markers, watercolor pencils and pentel water brush just glide over the page. Purple and orange can be such nice colors together. I'm not sure it's a masterpiece but it does make me happy.

05 October 2009

evening sketch

This is a small journal entry created while sitting on the couch enjoying some old standards and swing music with my daughter. I thinks it's pretty cool that, at 16, she will sit and listen to some old music with me.