30 June 2010

Ruling Pen Alphabet

This image is of a exemplar I made some time ago. The letters were made with a ruling pen and walnut ink, scanned, and manipulated in photoshop. The very cool background is from Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations. I have just recently come across his blog with wonderful textures and backgrounds.

The ruling pen is one of my favorite tools for playing.



27 June 2010

Pic of the week

It has been too long! The summer has been a wonderful explosion of events and projects, but has taken me away from the blogging world. I hope to get back into my routine of staying in contact with my fellow bloggers.

I am very honored and excited to say one of my pieces have been selected as Reggie Ezell's 'Pic of the Week'. If you have not seen Reggie's website, you should definitely check it out here. Reggie chooses one piece of art each week that was generated from his year long class or the 'Primitive to Modern' class. There are many inspiring artists and calligraphy examples on his site.

Thanks for the encouragement Reggie!