30 August 2010

Text as Texture 4

The fourth example from my journal with text creating abstract shapes and texture. I like this one!

The washes of walnut ink and watercolor on each side add depth and movement without being too distracting. The main word going vertical on the page creates a nice shape. The outer colors not touching the black, but coming close creates a contrast element with the black sumi ink. The small text inside the main word gives visual interest without overwhelming the main focus.

The elements that are not working is the random text in the blue area. I don't mind the strokes but the words are too legible and thus do not make sense.

I think the sketches are improving.


  1. I like this one best too! Leaving the little halo of white around the sumi really makes it pop. Beautiful!

  2. I think this one works really well too - I like the text inside the main word; I like the 'halo' effect and I think the bit of random lettering in the blue adds a bit of balance. Such fun!

  3. Loved all the 'text as texture' series. Letters can do so much wonders!