28 March 2011

Adolf Bernd and Peter Thornton

New Orleans Lettering Arts Association had the pleasure of hosting a weekend workshop with Peter Thornton. Peter is an amazing calligrapher and teacher. If you ever have the opportunity to study from him, jump at it.

The first two days we studied the work of the german artist Adolf Bernd. His work is intriguing both in design and color. The colors are subtle and very natural. One of our assignments was to bring in a natural object, study it and match the colors. My object was an oyster. You would be amazed at all the colors in the outer shell of an oyster. Flip it over and there you have an entirely new and different set of colors. This study of color has sparked an interest in me. I have been furiously working on a new body of work that will be exhibited in May.

14 March 2011

Event Poster

This is an event poster created to promote our Women's Weekend at Walker Baptist Church. The logo for the Women's Ministry was created and used on several items for the event. Then I also created the Angela Thomas signature to compliment the logo.

Each item was written with a pointed nib and sumi ink, scanned and vectorized in illustrator.  

01 March 2011

Black Walnut Ink

I don't know if you have ever used walnut ink. Whether you have or not, you should go over to Larks Crafts and check out Kristi's article to sign up for the Black Walnut Giveaway. When I read the article, it reminded me about the time my dad and I cooked down some black walnuts to paint this mural on the wall. Walnut ink is a fabulous tool and can be used for so many things. In fact, a woman once told me she used walnut nut ink to touch-up the gray in her hair when she did not have time to make it to the salon.