08 September 2009

not dark enough

This is a piece I have been working on the last few days. It started out to be golden-orange italic on arches 90lb, but I made a couple of errors in the text. So I thought, 'I'll just add a couple of layers of colors and text. Which turned out great but the green text was not dark enough and the layout was off a little. So more layers of wash then the final text was to be a dark purple, but alas the purple was not dark enough. It still gets lost in the background. I should have used gouache instead of watercolor. There is a section in the middle that I darken up by applying another layer of watercolor with a little tiny brush, but that will take entirely too long to fix the whole piece.

Any suggestions as to a direction I should take this piece? I still like the piece it just needs something to make it pop.

BTW, the text is Daniel 2:20-23.


  1. oooh! I like it too! Not sure of the size, but maybe choose one, two or three words for ruling pen or brush perpendicular up the right side?

  2. Jane

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think that just might work as the piece is around 9x17. I will look at it for a while with your suggestion in mind.

  3. This is a beautiful piece Jo. Thank you for visiting my blog!