20 September 2009

Daniel 2

This is part of Daniel's prayer to God for revealing the dream of King Nebuchanezzar. I am in a local group participating in the Beth Moore study of Daniel. What a glorious prayer! When reading it I can just imagine the joy and worship in Daniel's voice.

I have had this layout vaguely in my mind for the last couple of weeks and was so excited to get it down on paper today while pondering the wonder and holiness of God.


  1. Oh Jo! This piece is wonderful!!!
    I really like your Romans. I enjoy the breadth and depth of Beth Moore's studies. :)

  2. Thanks Jane

    I am so enjoying this study! She definitely has a God-given talent and I am reaping the benefits of that. Have you taken the Daniel study?

  3. Hi Jo! Yes, we are so blessed!! I love this piece of Daniel's prayer! Love your layout and love your calligraphy. You have great letterforms and wonderful pieces in your blog. I will follow you!

  4. Sorry for not responding earlier Jo! I follow your blog in my Google reader and generally don't go back to the posts - but wanted to see your Daniel piece again -and now I see your comment. :-)
    No, I have't done the Daniel study yet, although I'd like to do it. My church has offered it during the mornings, but I'm hopeful they'll offer it on Wednesday evenings. I've done her Breaking Free and also The Beloved Disciple (John). Both were excellent!