31 May 2012

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Don't you just love the look of letterpress!?! I think it is my favorite printing style. This spring I was able to create this invitation for a lovely young bride.

The mother of the bride wanted a little flourish to adorn the return address. I got a little carried away but she loved it.

To create the flourish, I drew half of the design with a pointed nib and sumi ink on white paper. I scanned this into Adobe Illustrator, cleaned up the image, and then mirrored it.

Pointed pen sketch

Finished flourish

The names on the invitation were also scanned and imported into Adobe Photoshop, where the remaining wording of the invitation had been arranged.

Detail of names.


  1. Very elegant!! The quality of your work *and* the variety in lettering styles is a treat to view!!

  2. WOW! These are all wedding invitations so beautiful & stylish....Its really very elegant....I like your post.