10 July 2011

Bound and Lettered

I have just received the current issue of Bound and Lettered. It is a great publication on 
books, papercraft, and calligraphy.

I have had my subscription for a few years and 
always look forward to getting it. The magazine can be purchased from John Neal Booksellers
I am honored to say I was able to participate in this issue. 
A small manuscript book I made for the yearlong Reggie Ezell class,
'Primitive to Modern', was featured.

If you do not receive this supscription, you should definitely look into it.
Bound and Lettered always has a wealth of information
and lots of eye candy. And if you would like to participate, they are always looking for how-to
articles on calligraphy, bookbinding, and paper crafts.

This issue also has an article by Fiona Dempster, 
arthur of the blog Paper Ponderings, about the project A Letter A Week
Check out these links if you enjoy letters and artist books.


  1. Ccongratulations, Jo! Great to see some "ink" on your "ink"!

  2. Hi Jo we are on the road again and I am itching to get back and see if my copy has arrived! Thanks for the links and I am so happy I'll get to read/see your rector book! Go well

  3. Hi Jo - not typing on my phone this time - that was meant to read Reggie book!

  4. Congratulations Jo!! Awaken looks beautiful.