17 July 2011

All Over the Board

This summer has not had a theme or cohesive pattern. 
I have been dabbling in all kinds of things with no real focus. 
Just playing all over the board. 

There is the on going practice following the teachings of Denis Brown's 'Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythm'. The practice time comes and goes. I should be practicing more consistently than I am, but still I am gleaning tons from the videos.

Then there is the woodworking. I have been making custom dinky dip holders. And was able to make a desperately needed flat file for the studio. Once I had the file completed, that lead to the cleaning and reorganizing of the studio. 

(at the height of the organizing chaos)

I have also started an online video class. This something I rarely do, my second one ever. The class is by Mary Ann Moss and is titled Full Tilt Boogie. It is a visual art journal binding adventure. I chose it because Mary Ann Moss takes the total opposite approach to creating than I do. She is chaotic and messy and approaches creating with an anything goes attitude. The chaotic and messy aspect I need to embrace more, so I signed up with Mary Ann. I have fully enjoyed the videos and the binding techniques. I am loving filling my pages with whatever, no concept, no theme, just play!

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  1. In my quiet time reading yesterday was the challenge to relinquish control over our desire to lead less cluttered lives. (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) I am guilty of wanting everything nice and organized, instead of embracing chaos. I'm cheering you on for being all over the board!