27 June 2011

Final Trachouse Logo

This is the final version of the Trachouse logo. 
Some of the preliminary ideas were shown in an earlier post here.
But this idea was the look that the client wanted.
In addition to the logo, the client also needed designs for four of the guitar pedals. 
The design needed to be edgy and a little funky, so a graffiti look was selected. 
Below are the four pedal names.

These were fully created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. 
It was a great change of pace to play outside the box and create something with a different medium and a different look.

And here are three of the four pedals at their final stage.

If you are a guitar player or know a guitar player, check out the Trachouse website
David Aucoin makes a great product. 


  1. I like the final logo - funky but stylish; and the guitar pedals are too cool for school! How great it must feel to have taken something from concept thru to production.

  2. Great work Jo!! Congratulations. Calligraffiti and edgy. I have some family working in the music industry; I'll share your lettering and the Trachouse link with them. :)