15 May 2011

Trachouse Logo Sketches

Recently, I have been working on a logo and artwork project for Trachouse.com. They will be launching the new look of their guitar pedals sometime in June 2011.  David Aucoin is a very talented musician and creates some of the best guitar pedals on the market.

Below are some of the early conceptual sketches.

These were then imported into illustrator and cleaned up slightly.

From here the client and I can talk about which look is heading toward their vision. 
The logo that was chosen is not shown here so as not to spoil the launching of their new look.


  1. Fascinating! Is there anything you cannot do?!? Can't wait to see the "chosen one".

  2. Wonderful range to choose from. I hope I get a chance to see the final. Great job!

  3. Looks like you were able to give them a variety of 'feels' Jo which is not always easy. Its always nice to see the working too - a lot of people don't appreciate how many drafts go into something like this - I look forward to seeing the final piece.