31 January 2011

dry embossing

 have always loved the look of embossed letters and thought I would give it a try on a new piece. This is the beginning. . . .

The passage will be 'Be still and know that I AM God". I am really excited with I AM but am not sure how to include the rest of the phrase. Maybe I will place the entire quote below and leave the I AM as the focal point of the piece. I am inspired by Jane Farr's piece as seen here. But maybe I can repeat the quote in a soft muted color all around the I AM.

This is the template of the letters used to emboss. I used the backing of a paper pad to cut out the letters. The letters were then pressed into Arches textwove paper. I tried several papers and the textwove gave the best results by far.


  1. Love, love, LOVE IT! Your lettering and designs always inspire Jo! Textwove is great as is Rives BFK.

  2. I have not worked with Rives BFK, but will have to try it. Thanks for the encouragement Jane!

  3. It's gorgeous Jo - you managed the A's counter cut out very well! I also love the Arches - it has so much give (we call it Arches Velin over here - weird huh?). The lettering is both strong and elegant and will give a fine focus to your finished piece. Enjoy!