25 January 2011

Calligraphy Class

I had the wonderful opportunity to give a calligraphy class to one of the local home school co-ops. There were 22 students in the class ranging in ages from 7-13. What a great group of students! None of them had ever tried calligraphy before and they were ready to dive right in. So we discussed pen angle, nib width, letter height, and so on. I was really amazed with their attentiveness and abilities. There were a couple of naturals in the class and a few creative spirits that really had a gift to make their letters unique and interesting. Unfortunately, I did not get to take pictures of their work after class. The class was over before I knew it and the children off to their next tasks.

I was able to write each child's name before class in the italic hand, as a memento. Their packets also included a broad edge marker, italic exemplars, guide sheets, and nice paper to practice on when they got home. It was a great experience. I learned a lot myself and will take that to the next class I give.


  1. Looks like the lefty in the top picture was one of your naturals! As a fellow southpaw I am thrilled to see it. Looks like you did a fabulous job with the class!

  2. Its always fun to teach to who have never experienced things before. I am sure they came out with great artworks. Lucky pupil I must say!
    Oh these name cards are lovely.

  3. Way to plant and water the lettering seed in these young ones Jo!!

  4. It looks like they had fun and learnt heaps - can't ask for more from a teacher. But I also like that you were learning along the way as well - I'm the same, especially when I teach children - they really make you think!