08 November 2010

The Last 'Primitive to Modern' Class

This last weekend was the last class of Reggie Ezell's Primitive to Modern year long class in New Orleans. The year has been a journey! Reggie guided us through traditional gothic hands to modernizing the hand; taught us to gild on vellum referencing traditional layouts and contemporary design; showed us new and inventive ways to use the resources around us to aid in taking the fear out of creating that perfect piece; and introduced the book as a visual journey. 

Thanks Reggie for your encouraging and motivating guidance through this year!

The pictures above are some of the pages in the first section of my book. The quote is "The human heart is a theatre of longing". 

I would highly recommend this course offered by Reggie to any guild that has not experienced it. 


  1. Wonderful images from your book...looks very interesting indeed!

  2. Thank you for sharing your year long Reggie experience with your readers Jo. I really enjoyed it. Taking Reggie's class is on my bucket list! :)