15 November 2010

Art Station No Fear Watercolor

This is a No-Fear painting in progress. If you look closely, you can make out the image that will eventually be developed. It is a woman rising from the desert.

Kim Zabbia owner of the Art Station in Ponchatoula, Louisiana teaches a art class called No-Fear Watercolor. No-Fear is Kim's most popular class. In fact, this is my second time taking this particular class. The No-Fear process takes the fear out of the painting process and Kim's supportive and generous teaching style takes care of the rest. I am excited to say Kim has turned the No-Fear class into a dvd. So no matter where you live you too can experience No-Fear Watercolor. I am also proud to say one of my paintings is included as an example in the dvd. Thanks Kim for your encouragement.

The Art Station is also a great resource for art supplies. If you live in the vicinity, I would definitely recommend checking it out. 

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