10 September 2010

Gilded Vellum

This work is 23k patent gold and palladium on vellum. Part of the lettering is raised gilding using painters gesso and instacol and part of the lettering is flat gilding using gum ammoniac. I am new to gilding and am experimenting as I go. The draft for this was created on arches textwove paper. (You can view it here and here.) The paper was okay to gild on but the vellum was a dream; plus I feel so official when working with vellum.

I have created this piece for the year long Reggie Ezell's Primitive to Modern Course. Reggie's class has been great to boost my creativity and to put new tools in my tool box. I have learned so much! In fact, next class is this weekend. So I am off to pack.


  1. Gorgeous piece! Enjoy your weekend class...

  2. Stunning! It glows. Thanks for sharing what you're learning in Reggie's class Jo.

  3. This is a fine finished piece Jo -as Jane says it glows! I like that the horizontals are slightly different shapes and not totally straight -lets the letters be solid by themselves

  4. Saw your piece on Reggie's Pic of the Week! Beautiful! Well done, Jo!!!

    I like your new look on your blog. Haven't been keeping up with my blogger friends due to summer vacation/child-at-home/house-up-for-sale...things like that! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.