29 July 2010

Artistic decisions

I am in a dilema. The attached piece is completed as I had it in my mind. But there are a couple of mistakes with the gilding that I would really like to cover up. So I am debating adding a black border around the areas where the 'letters' are gilded. To tie that in so it doesn't look like I am just trying to hide something, I am thinking of filling in the 'letters' with black. There is a beautiful piece of work on Georgia Angelopoulos' website that has gilding with black and I love the look. (The work is at the bottom of the page.)

It has been suggested to me to make a copy of my piece on good matte paper and fill in to see if I like it. This I am going to do. But I wanted to get your opinion and see how you determine these things. What is your method for choosing the next step or deciding if the piece is complete?


  1. firstly, let me say that i think your blog is beautiful.....as are your letterforms!! this gilded piece is nothing short of stunning! i'm sorry that you had problems with the gilding.....i wouldn't have gotten anywhere near this far!! i think that in times of uncertainty as to the next step to take, making a copy is an excellent idea! i've also used tracing paper in the past, but a copy is always your best bet, i think! good luck with this.....it truly is spectacular!! :))
    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  2. Jo for me the piece works beautifully as it is. I really like the way the white comes out of the gold and is hinted at rather than outlined and told to you kind of thing. I agree that the best thing is to make a copy and then colour in the bits you are thinking of colouring in. I often do a separate partial piece to get an idea of how something will look before I take the plunge, especially if I have come far - as you have here. Best wishes!

  3. I appreciate your comments, ladies. I hope to work on the copy at the beginning of next week and will post the results.