14 September 2012

Going to Cheerio

I have been quite distracted from the blogging world the last few weeks. It all started with hurricane Isaac. He was the slowest moving storm I have ever experienced. I didn't think he would ever get here, much less leave! But 15" of rain and 2 days without electricity later, we were cleaning up and moving on, trying to get caught up from the 'hurricane days'. . . . .Some people have 'snow days', we have 'hurricane days':)
This house is not suppose to be in the water!

I was able to complete a beautiful wedding envelope project in Dr. Martin's Spetralite Gold. Even though there is so much stirring involved, I enjoy writing with this ink.
Oh the bling of gold!

And now, I am getting ready for John Stevens' class and a week at Cheerio! YAY!!!!
I have order supplies and have been working on the practice work that Mr. Stevens has sent out. Prepping and priming for brush Roman Caps. How intimidating is that?!? I hardly ever work with a brush so I need lots of practice. I am so excited.
Practice, Practice, Practice!

I will be away for a couple of weeks, but will have a special post when I return. Something along the lines of a blogging milestone and a new address.


  1. I'm so excited for you, Jo! Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful experience at Cheerio.

  2. Glad to hear you are OK after Isaac, and wishing you safe travel and wonderful times at Cheerio - excitement!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your work, and can't wait to see what you do at Cheerio! Have fun!