13 November 2011

Large Scale

The month of October presented me with an opportunity to work large scale. I was asked to create artwork for a youth event. There were 5 large canvases ranging from 5'x8' to 8'x10' that would be the backdrop for the stage. Luckily I have access to a shop area that I could work on these all at the same time  with minimal rearranging as I worked.

Also, there were 5 canvas assemblies that had been created. These were to be painted to hang separately and would fit together as one piece of art on the last night. Each assembly shape and background colors were predetermined and brought to me before I began. The main message was written on the large central canvas and the small secondary canvases utilized text as texture. Each lay out is different and independent. But each assembly had the swirling imagery as a central theme. I had only 8 days to create the canvas assemblies so there was not a lot of layout and decision making time. Which turned out to be a blessing for me. I seem to overthink and overwork if time allows. 

This was such a great project to work on! I have come to realize that I love working large. Ok maybe not the 5'x10' large, but the canvas assemblies were a blast! I have also realized that I love working on canvas. I will be pursuing this in the future. 

Unfortunately, the picture quality is not great and I did not get a photo of the canvas assemblies in their final configuration. 


  1. What a great opportunity - and it looks like you to took to it with gusto! Very strong and stylish and they look bold and beautiful up there. Fabulous!

  2. What a great idea for the stage! Looks great...love the smaller pieces too.

  3. Thanks ladies! I did have a lot of fun working on this project. I think the small wall pieces may be auctioned off to raise money for the youth.