30 April 2011

Adolf Bernd Influence

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, Peter Thornton recently taught a workshop in New Orleans. 
We studied the work of Adolf Bernd. 
During this time I was preparing for an upcoming exhibit. 
Here is a set of pieces inspired by this workshop.

More from this exhibit can be seen on my website.


  1. You have really made this style your own. Gorgeous!

  2. Such elegance Jo - muted tones work so well and I love those grids. Hope the exhibition goes really well - and that you are safe from nature's fury out your way. What a year for us all...

  3. Fabulous work here and at your website Jo. Congratulations! I hope all is coming together well for your exhibit.

  4. These pieces are wonderful! I especially love the carpenter bee. Are these for sale?

  5. They're wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring. Wishing you success at your exhibit.