25 March 2010

Gilding on vellum

I can not believe how time flies. It has been over two weeks since the last post. March has been a most busy, productive and superb month. I love the spring!

This year I have the tremendous opportunity to participate in the year long Reggie Ezell class "Primitive to Modern". We had our second class of the year just this last weekend. Our goal was to work with and on vellum with different inks and also to learn to apply gilding. This is the first time for me to work with vellum and gold. We sanded our vellum to different degrees of doneness, we tested each area with sumi ink, gouache, and stick ink. My favorite on the vellum is the stick ink. Our homework from the previous class was to design and practice a small piece of text with a simple icon for gilding. After lots of practicing and testing on the vellum in class, we were ready to pen our quotes and apply the instacol for the gilding process. The process was enlightening and transforming.

I will refrain from getting too wordy now but will try to continue this topic in the future. Below is my piece from class.


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous Jo. I'm still waiting for Reggie to teach his first class somewhere near me. It's on my calligraphy "bucket list!"

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Jo! Well done!

  3. Thanks Ladies! What a fun time I had working on this.