13 February 2010

Photography by Webster Miller

My brother is so talented. I know every little sister probably says this about her big brother, but in my case it's true. :)

Seriously, I am proud of my brother. He is a photographer in the Dallas, Texas area. This is his second career and man has he found his gift. Recently, he came home to Louisiana to take some portraits on location and, fortunately, I was able to have the time to assist him. His set up is impressive to say the least, and the results speak to this. But as with any creative art, the right tools help, but without the knowledge and natural eye, that equipment will only take a person so far.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Check it out and see for yourselves here. www.WebsterMillerPhotography.com


  1. I can see why you are a proud, little sister! Your brother's work is exceptional!!

  2. Thank you Jane. I have just begun working on creating a portfolio that has a documentary feel; that captures the sense of the person by the use of the environment.

    Jo is proving to be a valuable assistant.