12 January 2010

muslin painting

Back in November I posted about a couple of muslin paintings and was very excited about it, especially the one with the hearts. So one day a began to write my quote on the heart muslin piece; halfway through it happened. . . . . . misspelling! Darn! So in my panic I thought, the writing is still wet I'll just rinse it off and start over when it's dry. What a mess! The background was painted with watercolors, there was some walnut ink and the new writing was red acrylic. the background was gone; part of the quote remained; argh, nothing but dullness and mud. And there it sat and there I sat. After a few days I decided to pick it up and try to salvage it. I added more background color and stamps and the quote (this time no misspellings). But alas it was still not quite what I had intended.

But I was not going to count it as total loss. I made a signature of 12 watercolor pages, glued the muslin painting to the outside page and sewed it all together with a red ribbon as a pamphlet book. The painting is still disappointing but the book makes me very happy.



1 comment:

  1. Titivillus regularly makes his appearance in my studio too! :)
    I think you recovered the piece very well!