03 December 2009

muslin test writing

Last post was my attempt at background painting on muslin. This post is some test writing on the fabric. I t is my first attempt of using a parallel pen. There was no layout; I just went for it.Sometimes this approach works for me, but . . . this time you can see Not only did I run out of the ink mid way thru but I also ran out of space. The ink at the beginning seemed to bleed but the second ink did not. I'll have to continue to test which inks work the best and bleed the least. Overall, I enjoyed writing on this surface; I like the friction of the fabric on the nib. More testing and then on to the final piece.


  1. Beautiful lettering Jo! I like how you joined the E & A in heart. Your "r"s are delicious!

  2. Yes, use the PC!!!

    Love this piece, Jo. You did a great job. I love to letter on fabric also. Lisa Engelbrecht uses No Flo that helps with the bleeding of the ink on the fabrics. It works pretty well. You lettering is great!!