18 November 2009

next generation

There is some concern about the next generation's interest in the calligraphic arts. I have a seen a small glimmer of hope in this area. At the beginning of this month there was a youth experience at out church. My daughter volunteered to create the decorations. She created the event poster, 4 banners 50ft long (see sample below), 6 panels on 4'x8' coraplast(see samples above), and 2 foam backdrop icons 7' tall. The work took her every weekend and some evenings for about 6 weeks. As for her art experience, she doodles sometimes but has not ever spent much energy with art or calligraphy, and this was, definitely, her first attempt at large scale art.

I helped, but only in gathering material, moral support, cleaning the spray gun, and that sort of thing. This was her vision and her talent. Now, I am the mother, so of course I'm proud, but her performance has caught the attention of others also.

Just wanted to share some of what the next generation is creating.

Her exposure has led her to think about art and design in a different way, and has sparked the desire to consider this as a option for her future direction. We do have calligraphic artist in the next generation, but it is up to us to help them have the confidence to try and succeed

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  1. This is terrificl work Jo! Your daughter has illuminated some treasured promises wonderfully. Thanks for sharing. I hope the response to her work encourages her to continue with calligraphy and the lettering arts.